I am 5 months into this new decade, and it has been full of surprises from the start. It began the same time as Patience’s retirement, an event that I had been anticipating for months with a great deal of financial anxiety that turned out to be totally unnecessary. A combination of unexpected income from a Gallery 5 event a few months earlier, and some sound advise from a financial advisor has significantly improved our financial circumstances, lifting a heavy weight from my shoulders.


The huge response to the Gallery 5 event lit a fire under me and rekindled my desire to make art. Suddenly sales, which had been almost non-existent for over a year, became the norm, and I decided to re-open the gallery on Fridays and Saturdays. Five month later I’m still enjoying this new founded enthusiasm and optimism.


Eighty years have taken a toll on me physically that cannot be denied, and I am comfortable with that. But unlike 10 years ago, I am not letting it be the only thing that defines me.

I send emails to my favorite people with previews of original paintings, musings on art, family and Italian cooking, discounts & more...