category architecture

My dreams of living my life as an artist began in the streets of Wilmington Delaware, my home for almost 20 years. I was fascinated by the eclectic architecture in the downtown shops and stores, and the unique character of the various ethnic neighborhoods that defined the city. My early art was simple and naïve – line drawings with a Parker fountain pen colored with markers. But the art was fresh and different. I painted corner grocery stores, shops, and old buildings in disrepair, along with the more elegant facades of Market Street. My love for architecture and the urban environment has never diminished, although my Parker fountain pen ran out of ink a long time ago. My interest in different mediums and subject matter expanded in response to increasing experience and skills leading to more elaborate architectural presentations as well as broad streetscapes and cityscapes. Because of my fondness for hard, crisp edges and lines, some of my paintings are tightly constructed, resulting in a distinct style that is more graphic than painterly.