Oh how we suffer for who we are. Here I am in these “winding down” years, and I find myself caught up in this huge dilemma, torn between two opposing forces: the desire to retire to my recliner with books, pen, and paper, spending the day ruminating and generally doing nothing, and the never ending desire to go into the studio and create an epic body of work.


It’s an interesting dynamic. When I’m alone with my thoughts (that sounds better than ruminating.) my brain shifts into overdrive and begins to fill my head with ideas for new work with new subjects and different mediums. I envision one or more portfolios of paintings and drawings, pushing against the boundaries of my craft to become a better artist. It is so easy to do all of this in the comfort of my chair nestled in a quiet corner of our living room. From that chair I can do anything and everything. Unfortunately I can’t spend all day in this chair, so I have to find a way to act on all these brain-based aspirations I have, and the result is the Arm Chair Travel Artist!

Maggie Dicksons Edinburgh
On the Water
Bay Hotel
Armed with a laptop computer and Google Street maps I have been traveling the world seeking inspiration for drawings and paintings. It’s been fun revisiting the streets I walked during my time in Bologna Italy seven years ago, but I’ve probably spent more time traipsing about the UK and the Netherlands. I love the architectural differences in the various regions and cities, and for now Edinburgh is my favorite. I’ve completed several in this series, and have several more in progress.
Clay at AGP
I finally have dates for the exhibit of my new clay prints at the Art Guild of Paducah. The show will run from Oct. 25th to Nov. 25th, with reception on November 3, from 5-7 at the AGP gallery at 115 Market Square. The river portfolio exhibit is tentatively set to open on January 11th at the River Discovery Center in Paducah. I will have more details later.

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