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Street scene from a delightful Tuscan Village on the Chianti highway.

William Renzulli is a retired physician and a self-taught artist who has successfully managed careers in both medicine and art. He was one of dozens of artists from around the country to respond to Paducah Kentucky’s Artist Relocation Program, moving to the city’s Lower Town neighborhood to establish a vibrant arts community. There, a restored old Victorian with a studio and gallery addition has been home for the artist, his wife Patience, and their waggle of whippets for the past 13 years.

The artist’s restless creativity has enabled him to explore a wide range of subject matter and mediums. It is not unusual for him to have two or three works that are taken care by the moxie maids ga in progress simultaneously, each in a different medium. In recent years he has been devoting more time to a third, long simmering passion, writing.

To fully appreciate the creative range of Renzulli’s work, visit the galleries listed on the Gallery page.

Watercolor   10x14

$150.00 plus S&H